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    You Can Sell Your Old Car To Us Vicrecyclers

    Sell your used car to us, and have no regrets. We offer some of Melbourne’s best prices for scrap vehicles. We will find a use for them, no matter how old or wrecked they are. No car is inferior – we will grab a BMW as quickly as we would a Nissan Sunny. Your car is a prized commodity, even if it has no doors at all.
    We are not a run-of-the-mill scrap car wrecker. As an authorized dealer, we will depollute your vehicle before salvaging it. We use equipment that only licensed dealers can access. Bring us your car, and feel safe.
    Do you have an SUV or a damaged commercial truck sitting in your garage? Sell it to us. The larger your vehicle, the more cash you are likely to get for it. We will tow it away, at absolutely no cost to you.

    Why You Should Sell Your Used Car to Us

    If you have a wrecked car, you should get rid of it by selling it to a used car dealer like VicRecyclers. Besides getting handy cash, selling it has other benefits.

    1. Space

    You or your spouse may be parking your running car outside your home. By selling the used car in your garage, you will free up space for it. Selling your car will allow you to keep essential tools and hardware as well. VicRecyclers can tow it away from your home at the touch of a button.

    2. Cuts Costs

    Selling your old car means savings when buying a new one. If you have not looked after your vehicle well, it will probably need repairs. These may cost more than the car itself. VicRecyclers pays top dollar for your old car. You can use the money to pay the downpayment for a new one.

    3. Getting the Best Deal

    When you sell your car to VicRecyclers, you can be sure that you will get the best deal. We never give you an offer for your vehicle until we have considered all the additional features you installed. We will pay you top dollar for it and relieve you of unnecessary hassles.

    VicRecyclers Sell Your Car Melbourne is Your Top Choice

    With so many car wreckers in Melbourne and sell my car Melbourne places, why call on VicRecyclers to scrap your car? There are a few reasons that we are one of the top used car dealers in Melbourne. 

    1. Top Cash For Cars

    Having over a decade of experience taking scrap vehicles apart makes us one of Melbourne’s premier car wreckers companies. We understand that customers want to sell their old cars for cash, which they can use to buy the things they need. Being one of the most reliable used car dealers in the city allows us to offer you a high price for your vehicle.

    2. Free Car Removal

    Why pay to have your vehicle town away when we can do it for free? Besides giving you cash, VicRecyclers will remove your vehicle at absolutely no cost to you. All it takes to get it done is a phone call.

    3. Friendly Staff

    We are a family business that takes pride in its top-notch service. Our well-trained staff will serve you, no matter when you call. Just dial our number, and you will receive immediate assistance.

    4. Environmentally Friendly

    Scrapping cars may involve the use of unhealthy chemicals and pollutants. We salvage your car at no risk to the environment. We are a Melbourne car wrecker that takes your vehicle apart with the Earth in mind.

    5. Certificate of Disposal

    Rest assured that we salvage your car completely. Our company will present you with a Certificate of Disposal that marks the high quality of our work.

    6. No Pressure

    We buy your car from you without giving you unwanted stress. If you are afraid of unnecessary paperwork, you have come to the right car company. We do it on your behalf and relieve you of administrative burdens. We will go to your doorstep as long as you are in Melbourne, at any hour of the day.

    7. Honesty

    Our evaluators will not quote you one amount over the phone and offer another when they see your car unless your description of it does not fit. We will only make you an offer after we have viewed all its features; we know that you must have paid a substantial price for them.

    Sell My Car Melbourne

    The VicRecyclers Sell My Car Melbourne Three-Step System

    VicRecyclers is such a breeze to contact that you will wish that you had done it sooner. It takes three simple steps to get an offer for your car.
    The first is to get in touch with us via a phone call. You may fill up the online quote form on our site as well. We will arrange for an expert to view your car.
    Evaluation is the next part of our sales system. Someone will come down to inspect your vehicle and offer you a price for it.
    After completing the first two parts of the process, we will proceed with what is usually a tiresome administrative chore – the paperwork. We will do it all for you, and tow away your car for free. Selling your car to us is fast, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

    What Cars Can You Sell to VicRecyclers?

    The phrase “sell my car Melbourne” says it all. We buy cars in all conditions, including:
    Sell your big vehicles to us as well. We will find a use for your smashed trucks, old vans or SUVs in dire need of repair. Their spare parts are valuable to motorists looking for replacements.

    The Kinds of Cars we Buy

    We Sell My Car will buy any car from you. Tell us about your old Holdens, Nissans, Toyotas, Hondas, Suzukis, and Mazdas. We know the best ways to scrap these vehicles and use them.

    VicRecyclers Sell Your Car Melbourne – Call us today

    Free up space in your garage, and clear your mind. Pick up your phone and dial 0409 526 398, or fill up the quote form on this website. You will free yourself of used car stress immediately. 


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