Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

    What services do you provide?

    We purchase your undesirable and junk vehicles and pay you cash. We do all the documentation, pick up and removal.

    How much will I have to pay for car removal?

    We never take a single penny from our clients to wreck their cars. There are no hidden charges or fees for the whole process. We provide free services.

    How much amount do Vic Recyclers pay?

    It depends on the condition of the vehicle.  We first provide a free quote for your vehicle. Then on your approval, we proceed further and pay the agreed cash on the same day. We pay good cash.

    Which makes and models of the vehicles do you accept?

    We take all the makes and models of the cars in whatever condition they are. We purchase old, scrap and unwanted vehicles. Even if the vehicle is in the worst condition we take that as well.

    How much time does the whole process take?

    We do the whole activity on the same day once our teammates visit your location. We pay the cash instantly after removing your vehicle.

    Why do you buy useless vehicles?

    In our opinion, no car is useless. We are concerned about the environment. A rusted vehicle is hazardous and it should be removed properly and taken to the wrecking yard. We recycle all the vehicles that we purchase.

    Do you accept unregistered vehicles?

    Yes, we take even un-registered vehicles.

    In which areas your services are available?

    Our services are available in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

    What are your towing charges?

    We provide towing services free of cost. There is no fee for it.

    What are your pick up charges?

    We pick up the vehicle from your location without taking any charges from you?

    When should I  wreck my car?

    There is not any specific reason for it. You can get it done when your car is damaged or when the cost of repairing is way too higher than its worth and also when you get bored with your old vehicle. You can also do it to get cash. You can use that cash to buy a  new vehicle.

    What is the procedure to sell the unwanted car?

    Selling an unwanted car to us is very easy. You have to follow simple steps to sell your car to us. You can contact us via call or website. Submit basic details to us we’ll do everything for you and remove your trash vans, trucks, cars and 4×4 vehicles.

    Are you available on weekends?

    We are operational from Monday to Saturday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

    What do i need to do before the pickup of my car?

    You have to check if there is any belong or some valuable stuff in your car, you have to remove them before we come. Also, you need to show your photo ID as proof.

    Once I get my vehicle removed, will I be liable for it still?

    Once we remove the vehicle from your location, you will no longer be liable for it. We provide professional services and do all the documentation and paperwork also to avoid any issues and ambiguities in the future.

    Do You buy trucks or any other commercial vehicles?

    Yes we do.

    3 Easy Steps

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