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Lexus Wreckers Melbourne

Lexus Wreckers Melbourne – Lexus Cash For Cars In Melbourne

Lexus Wreckers Melbourne, located in the city of Melbourne will pay you up to 30k cash without any delay for the car that you are looking to dispose of. Why don’t you think about selling your used, damaged, useless, scrapped vehicle to us?

Receive a maximum amount of 30k

Based on seniority, we are one of the best vehicle disassemblers and wreckers based in Melbourne from the time of our inception. Lexus Wreckers Melbourne has experience in the different types of vehicles. This specific type of first-class and extravagant vehicle has been very famous at our company. Lexus is a subsidiary of a giant Japanese car manufacturer called Toyota. We will purchase all useless or undocumented hatchbacks, coupes, sedans, MUVs and SUVs. Plus, we make sure that you get maximum payment on it.
Lexus Wreckers Melbourne bring Lexus models to our yard on a usual basis compared to other vehicles. Kindly, have a look at the exhaustive list of the models that we have been purchasing:

  • ES
  • ES Hybrid
  • GS
  • GS F
  • GS Hybrid
  • GX
  • IS
  • LC
  • LC Hybrid
  • LS
  • LS Hybrid
  • LX
  • LX Hybrid
  • NX
  • NX Hybrid
  • RC
  • RC F

We are one of the few vehicles disassemblers and recyclers all over Australia paying you the best price on it. The experts in our yard are master in their fields. They know a lot about evaluation and giving the right quotation based on the condition of your vehicle. Taking the quality of your vehicle into our consideration, the price of your vehicle may go up to $13,000. The vehicles we bring to our backyard passes via well-organized routine check. After thoroughly assessing your vehicle, we decide whether to discard it; our technicians then dismantle it. This act of preservation of vehicle parts is done for the sake of the future.

lexus wreckers

Second-hand Lexus parts and wrecking service

Our wreckers and our dismantling team separate the Lexus scrap parts. We maintain a different lot of it. But, we sell such parts at practically cheap prices. Those prices are lower than the market prices.

Its team of technicians, experts, and specialists do many tests to gauge the performance of the vehicle. It may be surprising for you to know that we throw away the parts that are defected. However, if the fault is minute, we do not hide it. But, we explain and mention it in inspection reports. Once you come to our yard to buy a spare part, our team will guide you, which part to buy at a reasonable cost for Lexus.

If you are an owner of a hatchback, coupe, SUV or a sedan in Lexus, which you do not like and you do not plan to keep it any more than sell it to us ASAP, call our customer support representative. We will guide you further. One of our customer service representatives will mention it in his or her record, like all the important information. Those details include your mobile phone number, home phone number. Our technicians will schedule a date and time that will be according to your ease. The same day, hopefully, one of our specialists will visit your desired location of the vehicle for the checking of it. Now it depends, the car you are seeking to sell can be scrapped, junked, disassembled or fragmented. Based on its chassis condition, interior, exterior our team will offer you the price that will be suitable for you. You will sell your vehicle at once!