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    Do you have a wrecked vehicle that is causing you to spend a lot of money on the repairs? Not worry Cash for Cars Sunshine is here to bring you a ray of hope. We take in all used vehicles, no matter their state, and offer cash of up to $8999 for them. We buy old cars from all over Melbourne and recycle them in a environmentally friendly way. Love the environment hence why we use safe recycling methods.
    Cash Car Sunshine

    Cash for Old Cars Sunshine

    Your old truck may be unable to carry your supplies because of a failed engine, but it is not defunct. Why not exchange it for cash? We will pay you for it, and tow it away at no cost.
    The old 4WD or UTE which cannot take your family on camping trips anymore will have no value if it just sits uselessly in your garage. Sell it to us, and get returns for what you paid for it before.

    We Take in All Make and Models Vehicles - Our Car Removal Sunshine Services

    Sell cars for cash in Sunshine the run-down Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki or Holden that you do not use anymore. You will get more value for it if you sell it than if you let it rest in your garage.
    We have spare parts for all types of vehicles at our scrap yards. Browse through our extensive collection, and you may just find the right one for your car.

    How To Choose Used Car Parts in Sunshine

    If you need help finding used car parts for your car then we cash for cars are here to help. We have over a decade of experience in the wrecking industry hence why we are able to help you with any part that you maybe after. We also provide free advice to our wonderful customers. The parts you buy from us have been well-maintained. We do a quality check before we sell the any parts. If you buy from our yard, rest assured that you would receive a polished and well-serviced component.
    Why pay a high price on brand new parts when second hand ones do the job and are very affordable. Cash for old Cars Sunshine’s are here to save you money and headche.
    Cash for Cars Sunshine

    Why Choose Cash for Cars Sunshine and What Are The Benefits?

    With a decade-long experience in the vehicle recycling industry, we can count ourselves among the top salvagers in the Sunshine area. We offer some of its best prices for salvage cars. The testimonials on our pages show how honest we are. We do not make you an offer for your vehicle before assessing it thoroughly. Our staff takes into account every installation that may have cost you.
    Trust us to recycle your vehicle completely. Your vehicle is for salvaging, so we will not let anyone drive it. Rest assured that you would not be accountable for it once it is in our hands.

    Our Salvaging Process in Sunshine

    We will ask you to describe your car to us when we receive your call. The details you give will determine the estimated value we assign to it, so do be accurate. Then, our evaluators will go to your location in Sunshine to view your vehicle thoroughly. Once you accept their terms, our friendly truckers will tow it away immediately. You will receive the cash due to you on the spot.
    What to do before selling your car to us
    Before we take your vehicle, we must know if it is registered or not. According to Victoria’s laws, registered vehicles require a Proof of Ownership. If you have registered your vehicle, have its title on hand so that we can take over the responsibility for it.

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    Instead of letting your used car gather dust on your driveway, why not sell it to us? You will get cash, and end your used car worries forever. To get cash for cars call 0409 526 398

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