Cash for Wrecked Cars Melbourne

Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

A wrecked car is not a pretty sight. Thinking about how to deal with it can give you stress beyond belief.

The welcome news is that it is possible to rid yourself of your wrecked car blues. VicRecyclers will take your car in, no matter how damaged it is. We will give you up to nearly $8999 in cash for cars, as long as it is a complete vehicle; it does not matter if it is in working condition.

Cash for Wrecked Cars

Our scrap yard has room for all brands of cars. Bring cars of any make to us; we are sure to put its spare parts to good use. Do you have a rattled truck that sticks out like a sore thumb in your driveway? Sell it to VicRecyclers. Rid yourself of it, and earn well-deserved cash too.

Of course, you will need to compare the prices different scrap yards offer. You can be sure that VicRecyclers quotes some of the best prices for wrecked cars in Melbourne.

How to Get Cash for Wrecked Cars

Junking a vehicle that is beyond repair makes more financial sense than trying to put it together and renewing its registration.

The requirements for wrecking vehicles vary from one junkyard to another. You will have to ask the yards you visit if they require you to dismantle your car yourself or charge towing fees. There are no such concerns with VicRecyclers; we will remove it from you and break it down entirely. We tow your car away at no charge.

You will also need to verify title and registration requirements with every yard, including VicRecyclers. We need you to supply Proof of Ownership of your vehicle before we can salvage it. As you would with any yard, inform us if your vehicle is operable, and which parts of it are damaged.

Cash for Wrecked Cars: Making Preparations Beforehand

As you can tell, you will have to make a few simple preparations before we take your car from you.

Have your driver’s license or Proof of Ownership ready; we will need to verify that you own the vehicle, then indicate that we have bought it from you. Make a space for our tow truck as well.

What Happens After You Send Your Car to VicRecyclers

Our experts will tow your vehicle to one of our many scrap yards. We will then depollute it thoroughly, using advanced equipment available to only licensed car wreckers in Victoria.

VicRecyclers understands your concerns. Victoria laws state that an owner is responsible for his vehicle as long as he retains its registration. We will salvage every inch of your car, and present a Certificate of Disposal to you after completing the process. You will not have to worry about being liable for it, should someone else drive it.

No part of your wrecked car will go to waste. We will salvage the components that are still in working condition, and make them available to motorists who need them. If you need vehicle replacements yourself, we have a range of Holden, Toyota, and Mazda spares available.

Why Get Cash for Wrecked Cars from VicRecyclers?

Why is VicRecyclers one of the best yards in Melbourne to get cash for wrecked cars?

Most people view wrecked cars as liabilities, but we see them as assets. As a scrap yard with over a decade of history, we can offer the highest possible prices for accident-damaged vehicles in Melbourne. We give you instant cash that you can use to buy the things that you value.

Our car removal process is one of the fastest and most convenient in the state. You do not have to tote your cumbersome car to our scrap yard; we will come to you, wherever you are. We will take your vehicle away on the same day you contact us and relieve you of tiresome paperwork responsibilities.

The name “VicRecyclers” speaks for itself. We are friends of the environment and have Mother Nature in mind. We do not use hazardous pollutants that affect air quality.

The VicRecyclers Fuss-free Wrecked Car Removal System

We make getting cash for your wrecked car fuss-free, so why not engage us as soon as you can?

To put the removal process in motion, contact us by phone or fill up our online form. Our experts will then ask you questions about your vehicle to get an accurate description of it. They will then offer you an estimate of your car’s value.

Note that this quote is not the final offer for your vehicle. We will send professionals to your location to evaluate it thoroughly, taking all its features into account. They will then make the final offer for it.

These experts will pay you cash, then and there. Our experienced truck drivers will remove your car from you at once.

The Wrecked Cars We Take In

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We take in any damaged car, no matter what make it is. Your ruined Mazda’s, Holden’s, Nissan’s, Mitsubishi’s, and Toyota’s will find a home in our yards.

If you have a damaged truck, SUV, 4WD or van to offer, tell us about it. We will buy it from you and find a use for it as well.

Contact Us Today for Cash for Wrecked Cars

Turn that cumbersome wrecked car in your garage into useful cash now. Contact us at 0409 426 398 or fill up our online form to receive an immediate quote for your vehicle. We are ready to turn any damaged car into a valuable asset.

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