Free Car Removal Melbourne

Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

Have you an old vehicle that is barely recognizable? It will depreciate if you leave it sitting in your garage. Why not get value for it? Free Car Removal will take it away it for free, and give you cash of up to an astounding $8999 too. We collect cars from anywhere in Melbourne.

Free car removal Melbourne

Commercial And Family Vehicle Removal Melbourne

Your old commercial vehicle is not usable and is taking up driveway space. Why not have it removed, and get value for it too? Free Car Removal Melbourne will take it away and give you well-deserved cash for it.

Why Remove Your Vehicle for Free?

You have choices when it comes to disposing of your used vehicle, so why remove it for free?

Selling it to a second-hand buyer is feasible if your car is still in a drivable condition. It would be difficult if it is an accident wreck.
A damaged car, however, still has value to a salvage company like ours. Its working parts will be useful to motorists looking for compatible spares. The metal will be a big plus as well.

Besides, why pay to have it towed when we can remove it for free? We will even pay you for it.

In short, you get more value for your used vehicle if you let Free Car Removal Melbourne buy it than if you tried to get it sold on the private market.

Free Car Removal Process Melbourne

When we get that much-awaited phone call from you, we will ask you to describe your vehicle. Be as thorough as possible because we will use the details to estimate its value.

Our experts will then go to your Melbourne location and inspect your automobile. They will suggest a price, based on its installations and condition. If you like their terms, they will pay you and remove it straight away.

Why We Offer Free Old Car Removal for Your Vehicle?

There are many ways to dispose of your car, so why use our services?

We have vast experience removing cars from all over Melbourne, and understand the demands of the scrap auto industry. We know that sellers look for useful cash, so we are willing to offer it for their vehicles. We provide Melbourne’s top prices.

We are free car removalists with integrity. We will not propose a price for a car until we have considered the value of all its installations. Free Car Removal Melbourne does not shortchange customers.

Our salvage company disposes of cars in an environmentally-friendly manner. We de-pollute cars entirely and do not release harmful chemicals into the surroundings.

In Melbourne, owners are responsible for their vehicles if they retain Proofs of Ownership. We require your title when you sell your car to us. There will be a proper transfer of the vehicle, and no liability on your part. You will not have to worry about accountability, should someone drive off with it. We will also issue a Certificate of Disposal to prove that we have scrapped it.

Our Car Removal Services

We take in all cars, including Mazda’s, Subaru’s, Honda’s, Holden’s, and Protons. We will retrieve their working parts and sell them to motorists searching for compatible spares for their cars. There is an extensive range of them in our yard.

Contact Us for Free Car Removal in Melbourne

free scrap car removal

So if you have a vehicle that cannot function on the road, get us to remove it from you at no cost. Call us at 0409 526 398 today or fill up our website form. We will free you from it in a matter of hours.

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