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Here at Cash for Cars Melbourne, we offer a comprehensive car wrecking service. We accept all kinds of cars, trucks, vans and utes, no matter what sort of condition they are in. If they’re in four different parts, are broken down, rusting or the likes, it’s not a problem. We are pros when it comes to salvaging parts from wrecked cars.

Our car wreckers service the entire city of Melbourne and we are more than happy to come out and pick up your wrecked car, truck, van or ute. Even if you’re not sure anything can be salvaged, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are more than happy to come and check it out. We have been in the business long enough to know how to thoroughly salvage parts from wrecked cars and we will offer you only the best price.

For Melbourne’s specialist car wreckers, get in touch with us at Cash for Cars today! If you have a car to scrap or wreck and are looking for a bit of extra money, please contact us using the form below. We will get back to you ASAP with a quote. You know who are the best car wreckers in your town now

Hyundai Wreckers Melbourne

Are you looking for reliable and trusted Hyundai wreckers Melbourne? If you are, then we proudly introduce to you our company. [Insert company name] is the leading wrecker and dismantler of Hyundai cars. We also recycle auto parts and in fact, we have a wide range of parts available in our company.

We provide Hyundai cash for car

Do you have a Hyundai car that you are no longer using or perhaps, is no longer working and has only been consuming space in your garage? If you have, then there is a need for you to know that you can still get some money from selling it to us and yes, we would be paying you for your Hyundai car in cash. We accept Hyundai vehicles of any model and size.

We sell Hyundai car parts at the best price

Regardless of what model of Hyundai car you have and what kind of parts you need, you are assured that you would be able to find them here in our company. After all, we have been serving in this industry for years. Also, what makes customers coming back to our company is the fact that we offer them at the best price for we always put their best interest first. Note: Call for part availability.

We help our customers save money

Of course, buying a replacement part is more inexpensive as compared to buying a new car. However, you need to select the right company to buy them from. It would be best for you to opt to an experienced Hyundai car removal company like us for if you don’t, then you might spend more in the end than what you have spent for the replacement part. With our expertise, we can definitely help you find the right part for your car.

We make the entire process simple and easy

Regardless of whether you aim to sell a Hyundai car or you wish to buy some parts for your Hyundai car, we make the entire process as easy and as simple as possible for you. This is also the reason why we have made our website user friendly. Also, you just need to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and how the deal should be done.

Our company aims to serve as the one stop shop to all of our customers who only wanted to show for some quality parts of their Hyundai car and wanted to sell their car for some money. In addition to that, we give importance to providing a great customer service. So, the next time you would be needing the service of Hyundai wreckers Melbourne, just give us a call!

Mitsubishi Wreckers Melbourne

Want to sell Mitsubishi car fast but don’t have any idea on where to sell it? Just simply sell it to us and we would also be paying you for it in cash as soon as we come to your location to get it from you. The entire process is hassle free too.

We specialize in dismantling Mitsubishi cash for car

Through the years that we have been serving in this industry, we have already dismantled a lot of Mitsubishi cars of different makes. This is also the reason why we can assure our clients that they would be able to find the spare part that they need from us. In addition to that, we are also willing to share our knowledge with our customers, providing them the best customer service they can possibly have.

All parts are covered with a warranty Mitsubishi Wreckers

The parts that our Mitsubishi wreckers Melbourne company offers are all covered with a warrant. This is our company’s way to put your mind at ease every time that you purchase some parts from us. This is also our way to show our customers how confident we are with the quality of the parts that we are offering to them.
Note: Call for parts availability 

We offer Mitsubishi car removal services and salvage its parts

Just because the Mitsubishi car that you have has become useless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its parts have become useless as well. In fact, those parts can help other Mitsubishi car owners to make their car working again. So, we truly suggest that you avail our Mitsubishi car removal services. By doing so, you would not only be able to free up some space in your property but you would also be earning money from it. We would also be the ones who will come to your location to remove it then remove its parts that can still be salvaged.

We provide cash in exchange for your car

Sell Mitsubishi car to us today, especially if that car of yours has been beyond repair for a long time already. Get some cash from it and help another Mitsubishi car owner to have their car again in a good working condition at a price that they can afford. You are also helping save the environment as well because Mitsubishi no longer needs to produce the parts as it is already in possession.

When it comes to used, spare and recycled parts, there is no better place for you to shop for those items than us. After all, as Mitsubishi wreckers Melbourne, we have an extensive knowledge in Mitsubishi cars. We also have an extensive range of Mitsubishi vehicles as well as parts in our inventory.

More than anything else, we are passionate in what we are doing and we are very much enthusiastic in everything that has something to do with Mitsubishi car dismantling. Apart from that, we also show a great interest in these kinds of vehicles and that is exactly why we were able to produce loyal customers.

Sell Car to Wreckers Melbourne

Selling cars to wreckers in Melbourne is not really a hassle. Trusted car wreckers in Melbourne proudly offers reliable car wrecking services to all local clients who wanted to earn fast cash from their old cars. With the right expertise and experience, individuals can now have the confidence to sell car to wreckers Melbourne. These trusted wreckers have dealt with all types of customers with different kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans, SUVs and more.

sell wrecked car

Those who sell car to wreckers Melbourne, they can expect for excellent services but also for fast cash. These wreckers in Melbourne aim to deliver the fastest and safest to sell your car at the great possible price and value. They also eliminate the difficulty and tension of selling your car and their services are the fastest and most reliable in the area because of their large number of fully-equipped trucks for towing.

Why Sell Car to Wreckers Melbourne

Wreckers in Melbourne can be your ultimate junk car removal partner. Regardless if your car is damaged, torn out, scrapped and not able to drive, wreckers Melbourne buy everything and pay you instant cash. Trustworthy and experienced car wreckers Melbourne are worth all your trust when selling your car simply because:

  • Car wreckers Melbourne take full responsibility of dismantling and disposing your car under the most experienced supervision. However, they also expect the same from clients. These wreckers advised those who wanted to sell their old and damaged cars to do not dispose cars in the wrong way.
  • With years of experience in car removals and towing as well as salvaging vehicles, customers can really count on Melbourne wreckers to clean up their yard and get instant cash at the same time.
  • These Melbourne wreckers have fleet of fully equipped and well-maintained trucks that work round the clock and help customers make their garage and backyards spotless. Not only these, they also offer great amount of money at pick up.
  • Their operations and work standards are fully approved by Melbourne’s department of environment. They collect cars and drop them to scrap yards. They dismantle vehicle in the most secure way and just remove harmful residue and oil and remove useful parts of car for resale.

If you are living in any part of Melbourne, having old and damaged cars in your garage or backyard can surely be a cause of stress and headache. Take advantage of these cars and get instant cash when you sell car to wreckers Melbourne today.

Vic Recyclers is one of the leading car wreckers in Melbourne. You can bring your car regardless of make or model and condition. Contact the company at once and they will come and immediately pick your car. If car is not running or not in good running condition, sell your car to Vic Recyclers. The company pays top prices for all old and damaged cars whatever and age and condition is. Aside from giving top prices, Vic Recyclers also collect your car free of cost but you are assured to receive payment on the vehicles picked up or collected.


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Top class service. Sameday removal of my vehicle. Alan Saki - 8 Jan 2018  

Very good service Finally sold my old car. I will give 5 stars rating because everything was done without any trouble. Dayana - 12 Jan 2018  

Friendly guys - helpful - great prices as well Rang up for a couple of parts, very helpful and prices seem reasonable. Damien O  26 Jan 2018  


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