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Salvage Vs Junk Cars: The Difference

You might probably hear the words junk or salvage cars several times. You might think that this means the same thing as both words is used to mean cars that are no longer in good condition. However, if you would notice, there is a big difference between the two.

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Do you want to know what it is? Read and know the difference. This would give you large benefits next time you are planning to your sell or recycle your car.

Junk Cars

You might have probably seen junk cars being recycled or just simply stored in warehouses or garage. Compared to salvage cars, a junk car is determined depending on the date when it was made, the model of the car and so on. In other words, you are given the idea that junk cars are cars that do not value worth.

However, despite the condition of the cars, the only value you could get is the materials that are used to make the car. This is often referred to as the car parts such as tires, the aluminum body, the rims and much more. In most cases, you the value of the car is determined by the weight of the car and the other corresponding scrap metals that go along with it.

Salvage Cars

These refer to the cars that have a Salvage Title or also called as a Rebuild able Title. This means that the car was once damaged and the insurance company has claims of its ownership. This is made legal when the claims are made. After this, the insurance company would then have a declaration that the car is Total Loss.

This would mean the repairs of the car would be more than the value of its worth.  Hence, the insurance company has the right to have total ownership of the car. The best examples of salvage cars are those that are involved in serious accidents. The cars could have both external and outer damage so it would be impossible to restore the car to its original state.

What is the Best Thing You Could Do if you have These Cars? 

Since both cars are hard to be used anymore, the best thing you could do is dispose it and turn it into cash. You might consider selling the car parts to a trusted and reliable recycling company. The recycling process is fast and easy so you would not have any problems in dealing with the car.

The trusted company could help you in making cold cash using the valued parts of the car so rest assured you don’t have any problem in storing it in your garage. Remember: even though these cars are considered to be useless to use anymore, you are still given the best opportunity of making money on the scrap metal parts given parts of the salvage car and the junk car.

Therefore, before you consider it as a complete waste, check the value of the price of the parts of a salvage car or junk car, who knows, you might get a bigger car more than you expected.

The Benefits of Selling Your Old Car with a ‘Cash for Cars’ Trader


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Have you ever think that you can make fast money out of your old cars at home? Yes, it’s true! You don’t have to look for any prospective buyer who will purchase your old vehicle as the auto recycler Melbourne is there to help you. The company will buy your pre-loved cars and give you fast cash after the deal is made. Aside from this given benefit, there are also other advantages you can acquire for opting for ‘cash for car’ traders. Here are some of them:

Fewer Complex Negotiations in the Process

Typically, when you sell your old car to a private buyer, you can see that it is the buyer who will try to take extra effort to negotiate the car’s price, regardless of the set benchmark. And as much as possible, they will try to make some adjustments to make the dealership fair in both of you. Once you find the real market value of your car, the auto recycler Melbourne will match the given price. Also, there will be fewer papers need to attend in the process. Hence, guaranteeing a fast and simple process and negotiation.

No Need to Spend for the Break Downs

Once you sold your car to a Vic Recyclers, there will be no maintenance needed to be done on your part. However, if you simply place the car in the yard while taking the harsh effect of weather and environment, you may more likely have to spend your bucks for the maintenance to maintain the value of the vehicle, though you know you will no longer need to use it in the future days. Selling to ‘cash for car’ traders will not only make a fast cash but also help you avoid the future maintenance and repairs.

Fast Cash Guaranteed!

Selling your car to the auto recyclers Melbourne, you are guaranteed with fast cash at the time the deal is done and you go home. Aside from the fact that instant transactions are done, getting a fast cash with auto recyclers is also made easy and seamless for you. This means you don’t have to wait for prospective buyers to call you in a week or month. With ‘cash for car’ traders, the transaction is made on the same day. Thus, fast money is guaranteed!

Save from the Advertising Cost

Many vehicle owners are passionate about finding the right buyer for their old vehicles that is why they spend much for the ads and posts regarding the action. In fact, there are only a few people are willing to buy a pre-loved vehicle because aside from the price is quite high, the car’s performance is also left by years. If I were you, you need to convince yourself that there is a one in a million chance that your car is to be sold at the price you are asking for. With ‘cash for car’ traders, you don’t have to spend for ads and postings as you will be given an urgent response for your car to be sold. Not just you save time, you also save money and effort.

Can you Sell a Car Without a Roadworthy

Selling a car to a company is very simple and easy if you are going to follow some rules of the company. Do that and follow the process and you will acquire smooth and convenient experience selling your car. Ignore them and you will be experiencing a nightmare.

Car Inspection

Getting Roadworthy

You need to present a roadworthy certificate which is also known to be called as Roadworthiness Certificate. This certificate is highly needed before the used car registration will be transferred to the new owner.

Roadworthy certificate can only be acquired from tester authorized by the company for important purposes. To find the perfect location of any authorized testers of roadworthy certificates, you need to contact the company where you are going to sell your car. The only time when road certificate is not needed is when you are transferring the car ownership to a domestic partner or spouse, licensed dealer of car or unregistered car.

The Cost of Roadworthy Certificate

The fees you need to pay to obtain roadworthy certificate is not completely fixed. This may just depend on the type, condition and even age of your car which is being tested. This is the reason why it is always an essential idea to shop around to assure of getting the best deal. But, typically the fees is not as too much as what you expect.

Why You Need to Get Roadworthy?

To assure of transferring the registration of the used cars to its new owner who will own the sold car, most of the time companies buying the car always require for current roadworthy certificates. But, in this certificate, this doesn’t necessarily specify who should be getting it. Despite of the fact that it is also possible to do some deals wherein the buyer would agree to immediately get the roadworthy certificate, but it’s not considered to be an essential idea.

As you leave roadworthy certificate concerns to the buyer, it only manifest that you are relying on their honesty to do everything and then submit it to the company along with the completed and detailed paper works. This needs to be prepared within the duration of the time that the company has required you to do so.

Selling Your Car Even Without Roadworthy At Vic Recyclers

Do you want to sell your old or junk cars yet you are afraid that you don’t have any roadworthy certificate? Well, allow Vic Recyclers to help you out with such concerns. As far as roadworthy certificates are concerned, this is considered to be an essential certificate as part of selling your car to the company. But, they assure you that they can still buy your car even without any roadworthy certificate depending on some conditions.

So, as far as selling cars in relation to roadworthy certificates are concerned, then there’s no other company to trust but Vic Recyclers. They are always here to give you not only the assistance and support you need but also the most suitable value for your car.

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