Scrap Truck Removal Services

Damaged trucks cause a lot of issues. It becomes very difficult to travel in these kinds of problematic trucks because you might lose patience often. The old and scrap trucks also destroy the look of the garage. When you are going through such issues, immediately sell the truck. The best way to sell an unwanted truck and earn a lot of cash for trucks is to hire scrap truck removal services. The services of truck wreckers are being loved by everyone because they are serving the people free of cost. They can remove your vehicles from any location and tow them away. They pay a large sum of cash for trucks in return. This service is a must-have because of its convenience. The service is attractive and amazing that was hard to find sometimes ago. Their trained scrap truck wreckers wind up the activity within 24 hours and pay money on the spot.


Just follow the easy steps and they will come to your doorstep. Contact the scrap truck wrecking company and they will need important information about your truck from you. The required details are as under:

  • Make and Model of the Truck
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Condition


This information is needed for evaluation purposes. They offer a good cash deal and on your agreement provide you top class truck wrecking services. They are experienced and know excellent techniques to remove the old trucks without causing damage to the property of the clients. Using this service you will be able to save your time as well as hard work involved in finding out a scrap truck buyer.

Scrap truck removal

Earn Cash for Scrap Trucks

Truck towing can be troublesome if you try to do it by yourself. You must hire professional truck wrecking services and there will not be any risk. Your money will also be saved. They are completely trained and they handle all the situations with confidence. Without your routine being hampered, you can get your truck removed quickly. Try to get the maximum advantage from your damaged, salvage, and broken trucks. It is the best way to get money in your hands. The advantage of hiring truck wrecking services is you can sell rusty, written-off, broken and impaired trucks also. They are not concerned if it is American, Japanese, or European. They buy trucks that are non-registered or non-moveable. What they do after buying such kind of useless trucks is recycling. They conform to the safety standards also.

The best truck wrecking company is Vic Recyclers. They have maintained their top position for many years. They never fail to deliver the prime quality scrap truck removal services. No other company has been able to match their standard of work so far. If you need super quick and efficient services, they are the ones to be contacted. Get their 100 % free services and say goodbye to your undesirable trucks. Earn high cash for trucks at the same time. This is a superb chance to convert your trash trucks into a good amount of money.

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Cash For Old Trucks

Cash For Old Trucks In Melbourne

Vic Recyclers is the no.1 firm that offers good cash for old trucks. We have been serving the people of Melbourne for many years and always live up to their expectations by offering prime quality old truck removal services. We offer remarkable services without charging bucks for it. Our services include:

Truck Pick up

Truck Towing

Truck Removal

This is an exceptional package that is hard to get from any other scrap truck removal company. We start giving comfort from the moment people contact us to get the services from us. We have the best tools and our team members are also not any less. We give them professional training to cater different situations with confidence. We are a registered company and we follow safe techniques for truck towing. Our team ensures not to waste a single minute of our valued clients and quickly complete the process. The most striking and interesting part of our services is we pay cash for old trucks on the same day.

It is very difficult to keep written-off and impaired trucks. Your hard-earned money gets wasted to fix them, again and again, and keep them running. You will also need a lot of time to cater these issues. But no worries, we have the most convenient option for you. You can earn good cash for old trucks if you sell your damaged and unwanted trucks to us. You will be free of the stress of finding out a buyer because we buy all kinds of trucks and also offer pay a large sum of money in all the cases. Hire our unique and useful services and get rid of your old trucks now.

Cash for Old truck

Sell Your Old Trucks – Earn Cash for Old Trucks

A lot of people might have a question that why do we buy vehicles that have no worth? We buy broken vehicles because we want to see our environment clean. It is very harmful to keep rusty vehicles in living areas. We remove trucks and later do the recycling. We ensure not to waste anything and make the best use of recycled material. The process is short and easy if you need services from us.

Provide us the following information to get the process started:

Make & Model




All this information is needed because we first evaluate your truck and offer an estimated amount that we will pay you. Once you agree, we take further steps and help you get rid of your unwanted vehicles. Paperwork is also our responsibility.


We are very popular and people put their trust in us because we offer world-class truck removal services. There are no hidden fees that we charge to our clients. We do not say no to buy the truck if it is not in a reasonable condition. That is our specialty that we respect every client and offer a high amount of cash to all. We are very different from other truck removal companies and that is why we stand out from the rest of the companies.


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European Car Wreckers

European Car Wreckers Melbourne | Free Vehicle Removal

European vehicles are world-famous. Their vehicles are top of the line. You see European cars everywhere. But, sometimes when your vehicle is no more helpful and convenient for you, decide to get rid of it. We are the most reliable and trusted European car wreckers in Melbourne. If you want to get the services of top European car wrecking firm in Melbourne, you are on the right place. We have been serving in the industry for many years and our work is of supreme quality.


European car wreckers | We buy European cars

Contact us and share the details of the vehicle like make, model, year, condition, and mileage. We need these details to start the process by offering a quote. If you accept our quote, we will come to your doorstep for hassle-free removal of your unwanted vehicle. We offer cash for European cars on the same day. We offer the complete process from pick up to towing to removal absolutely free of cost. You can be free of stress once you contact us. We will give you paperwork too.

Some of the famous European car brands that we buy are listed below:

Volkswagens Wreckers In Melbourne

We have been buying below mentioned and many other models of Volkswagen:

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Caddy and other models


Audi Car Wreckers Melbourne

Audi is one of the famous brands among European brands. We at buy any of the following models. If some model is not mentioned in the list, we will buy that as well.

Audi A4, A3, TT, Audi A6, and all other models.


BMW Car Wreckers Melbourne

BMW is a world-class brand. We offer BMW car wrecking services and purchase all the old and new models of BMW. Some are mentioned here. We also remove auto parts if they are in good condition.

i Series


X Models

X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6

BMW 1 Series

120d 120i 123d 125i 116i 118d 118i 130i 135i

BMW 2 Series

218d  225i 228i 230i 218i 220d 220i

BMW 3 Series          

316i  320 320Ci 320d 320i 323Ci 323i 325Ci 325d 4 Series 316ti 318d 318i 318is 318ti

BMW 4 Series

420d  440i 420 i428i 430i 435i

BMW 5 Series

523i 525d 525i 528 528i 530d 530e 530i 535d 535i 540i 545i 550i 520 520d 520i


Saab Wreckers Melbourne

Some of Saab models that we buy are :

  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9-5
  • Saab 9-3

Peugeot Car Wreckers Melbourne

Some of the models of Peugeot are mentioned here:

  • Peugeot 203
  • Peugeot 205
  • Peugeot 4008
  • Peugeot 404
  • Peugeot 406
  • Peugeot 407
  • Peugeot 306
  • Peugeot 307
  • Peugeot 308
  • Peugeot 4007
  • Peugeot 206
  • Peugeot 207
  • Peugeot 208
  • Peugeot 508
  • Peugeot 607
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Peugeot 505

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